Dafna How To 22
#44 – Posted Thursday March, 24th 2022

How To Handle Tantrums

Sometimes, children have such strong meltdowns or tantrums that they could be in danger of physically harming themselves or others. In today’s How To video, Dafna shows gentle and effective ways to handle these moments as a parent.

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Dafna Howto 2710
#43 – Posted Wednesday March, 16th 2022

How To Address Toxic Shame

On today’s How to Tuesday, Dafna discusses the concept of toxic shame and how to tell your child “no” without sending them the message that they are a bad kid.

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Dafna Howto 2109
#42 – Posted Tuesday March, 1st 2022

How To Set Consequences

As parents, we are told to be consistent while setting consequences. In today’s How to Tuesday, Dafna explores how to navigate the subtle nuances that can help parents determine the best approach for their child.

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Dafna Howto 2710
#41 – Posted Wednesday February, 9th 2022

How To Give Nonverbal Praise

On today’s How to Tuesday, Dafna talks about verbal and nonverbal praise that parents give children.

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How To 1008
#40 – Posted Tuesday February, 1st 2022

How To Give Grounding Touch

Touch is the most powerful aspect of social engagement. Today Dafna talks about ground touch in parenting and how it can change when they start to get older – but still remaining important.

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