Integrated Attachment Family Therapy Skills and Supervision

Integrated Attachment Family Therapy Skills and Supervision

Skills & Supervision Group Program

Spend two hours every month with a small community of clinicians led by child and family therapy expert, Dafna Lender, applying your skills to real clinical cases and getting a chance to practice your skills in small group exercises. This diverse group of clinicians is made up of those who have training in one or more of the following areas: DDP, Theraplay, and IAFT.

This two hour session will include:

  • Beginning by studying a real case of a group participant. We will discuss clinical challenges and how skills can be applied to the case. Clinicians will have the option to present a case to the group if they sign up for the four session package.

  • After discussing the case, we will work on specific skills relevant to the case discussed and have a turn practicing the skill in small groups.

  • Questions related to cases among the participants.

The related skills to DDP, Theraplay, and IAFT could be such topics as:

  • Practicing PACE

  • Curiosity/Making Guesses

  • Dealing w/ Child's Resistance

  • Talking for the Child in Session

  • Managing Parent Resistance

  • When Parents Need Individual Work

  • Parent self-regulation and self-compassion

  • Focusing on parent’s attachment history

  • Parent-child activities for regulation, connection, comfort and joy

  • Application of Polyvagal Theory in therapy

~ All sessions: 8:00am - 10:00am CT ~
(Central Time, USA & Canada)

Upcoming Dates:

June 21 | July 19 | August 16 | September 20

October 25 | November 15 | December 13 | January 17

Please contact: [email protected] if you have any questions!


1. Skills & Supervision Group Bundle

$200.00 USD

Special Pricing. Entire package was $240.00 USD

Included features:

  • Select 4 sessions!
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Q: Why should I join this consultation group?

A: Besides the fact that this will help you sleep better at night knowing that you have a coherent plan for your toughest cases (!), you will learn how to practice DDP in the most effective way: by doing it. Rather than only having attachment theory inform your practice intellectually, you will learn actual attachment-based skills and techniques to turn theory into practice.

Q: Do I have to present a video in order to get DDP supervision on a case?

A: No, you can just present orally. You can even do a live role play on Zoom if you are feeling courageous.

Q: What if I can’t fill a whole hour of my supervision time?

A: This rarely happens! But if you run out of questions, we will turn to the group for their questions/comments.

Q: What kind of technology will I need?

A: The supervision will be done through Zoom, which is an online conference program. You will need a webcam and microphone, a stable internet connection, and your video on your computer (if you have video).

Q: Will this count toward DDP certification?

A: The DDP practicum begins after you have taken Level 2 and have applied and been accepted to the practicum. For more details, see: Once you are enrolled in the DDP practicum, your presentations will count (as long as you present with video).

Q: If it doesn’t count towards certification until after Level 2, why should I join the supervision group?

A: Besides the fact that this will help you sleep better at night knowing that you have a coherent plan for your toughest cases (!), you will want to build your DDP foundational skills before applying for the official practicum.


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