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#72 – Posted Monday April, 29th 2024

A New Family Narrative: Transforming Intergenerational Trauma

One of the most important decisions a therapist makes is how broadly to define the problem that clients bring into treatment. In an individualistic culture such as ours, it’s common to focus narrowly on whoever is exhibiting problem behavior, without understanding the wider family context shaping the issues of immediate concern. Often the key to working effectively with a family is expanding the therapeutic perspective to include the history of intergenerational trauma underlying the present-day issues, even if that’s not the family’s view of the origins of the presenting problem.

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#71 – Posted Friday March, 29th 2024

Avoidant Attachment in Children

How do parent/child relationships affect a person even into their adult years? Dafna takes a look at a case study of a patient with avoidant attachment and examines how therapists can encourage the formation of secure relationships.

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#70 – Posted Friday March, 1st 2024

Fostering Healing Through Connection - Interview

Discover how Integrative Attachment Family Therapy (IAFT) applies to the intricacies of foster care and child welfare advocacy in Dafna's recent interview on the By Their Side podcast.

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#69 – Posted Tuesday February, 27th 2024


How do we work with a child who is acting in a way that gets under the parent’s skin? To answer this question, Dafna examines the story of a mom whose son was using upsetting curse words.

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Fostering Healing Through Connection with Dafna Lender LCSW 5
#68 – Posted Thursday February, 22nd 2024

Fostering Healing Through Connection with Dafna Lender, LCSW

Tune in to listen to Dafna speak on the By Their Side podcast.

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