#33 – Posted Tuesday October, 5th 2021

How To Make Amends with Adult Children II: How to Learn & Grow

Continuing the conversation from last week’s video, Dafna discusses how parents can learn from what their adult children are telling them and use it to grow themselves as they work to repair the relationship.

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#32 – Posted Tuesday September, 28th 2021

How To Make Amends with Adult Children

When we talk about relationships between parents and children, we often make the assumption that the children are still young and under their parents' care. For this week’s How To Tuesday, Dafna addresses how parents can repair relationships with adult children.

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#31 – Posted Tuesday September, 21st 2021

How To Diffuse Negativity

Has it ever felt like your child is being purposefully obstinate or contradictory just to upset you? This week, Dafna shares some fun, lighthearted ways you can diffuse the situation before it escalates into an argument.

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#30 – Posted Tuesday September, 14th 2021

Doing Our Own Work Differently: An EMDR Portal to Our Clients’ Healing

An excerpt from Dafna's case study published in Psychotherapy Networker's September/October 2021 magazine.

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#29 – Posted Tuesday September, 14th 2021

How To Handle Rejection

It can be extremely hurtful for parents and caretakers to feel rejected by their child, especially if they are trying to make amends after an argument. For this week’s How To Tuesday, Dafna tackles the tricky subject of how parents can help a child who is giving them the cold shoulder.

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