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#47 – Posted Tuesday May, 24th 2022

Awakening the Playful Self

Dafna talks about how some therapies are missing out on a fundamental tool for healing when they ignore the power of feeling playful embodiment with others in the current edition Psychotherapy Networker's Magazine.

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#46 – Posted Tuesday April, 19th 2022

Working With Kids and Families - Podcast Interview

Dafna was a guest of The Trauma Therapist Project podcast recently, speaking about her work with kids and families, between other topcis.

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#45 – Posted Tuesday April, 19th 2022

Power of Play in Parenting - Interview

Amrit and Dafna have a deep conversation about the power of play and laughter in parenting. A rich conversation about the power that play has to connect and have a harmonious relationship.

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#44 – Posted Thursday March, 24th 2022

How To Handle Tantrums

Sometimes, children have such strong meltdowns or tantrums that they could be in danger of physically harming themselves or others. In today’s How To video, Dafna shows gentle and effective ways to handle these moments as a parent.

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#43 – Posted Wednesday March, 16th 2022

How To Address Toxic Shame

On today’s How to Tuesday, Dafna discusses the concept of toxic shame and how to tell your child “no” without sending them the message that they are a bad kid.

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