How to use posture
#50 – Posted Thursday November, 17th 2022

How to Use Posture When Working with Kids

The way you position your body when interacting with your child can have more of an impact than you might think.

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How therapists can support
#49 – Posted Tuesday July, 5th 2022

How Therapists Can Support Parents and Children Impacted by Mass Shootings

Following the tragic Highland Park Parade shooting, Dafna visited a Highland Park school to provide emotional support.

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To the parents
#48 – Posted Tuesday July, 5th 2022

To parents of children who witnessed the shooting in the Highland Park Parade

To parents of children who witnessed the shooting in the Highland Park Parade, or to those who have friends and family who were victims or witnessed the shooting.

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Screenshot 2022 05 24 at 12 35 20
#47 – Posted Tuesday May, 24th 2022

Awakening the Playful Self

Dafna talks about how some therapies are missing out on a fundamental tool for healing when they ignore the power of feeling playful embodiment with others in the current edition Psychotherapy Networker's Magazine.

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Screenshot 2022 04 19 at 16 14 55
#46 – Posted Tuesday April, 19th 2022

Working With Kids and Families - Podcast Interview

Dafna was a guest of The Trauma Therapist Project podcast recently, speaking about her work with kids and families, between other topcis.

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