Attachment and Trauma: Embracing and Repairing the Traumatized Self in Psychotherapy - Rome Online Workshop

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This new edition of the Attachment and Trauma congress will explore the origins and the potential evolutions originated from the traumatic experiences in attachment.

Neurosciences have contributed in underlying the essential importance of the sense of safety in the individual development of the self. Equally important is also the fulfillment of the need for autonomy, the self recognition as an individual. The traumatic experiences in attachment crumble the sense of trust and cohesion of the self, resulting in different potential psychopathological frameworks, which represent the attempt of an individual to adapt to trauma by shaping their own functioning system on the environment.

Psychotherapy, in its multiple forms, can represent a pathway in which we can provide again an indivifìdual with a new form of adaptation to the surrounding reality, based on one's own needs, safety, trust, relational attunement, deep connection with the other.

The various presentations will describe therapeutic models and different theoretical perspectives, united by a focus on the relational development of the Self and to the embodied dimension of its several dimensions. The acceptance and repair of trauma may follow different methods and approaches, but what is currently emerging from the scientific scene is the centrality of the dimension of deep acceptance of what every human being is and expresses through their own existence, made up of experiences, behaviors, attempts to adapt and recover from trauma, values and significances which are always worthy of being respected.

Credits🪙 You'll receive 50 ECM credits(ECM Credits valid on 2023)🪙 You will receive 23 CPD credits🪙 You will receive 15 CE credits

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