Attachment and Psychotherapy Conference: Clinical Interventions to Restore Meaningful Connections with Self and Others Online Workshop

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Join Dafna at the Attachment and Psychotherapy Conference on March 14-15!

She will be presenting Strengthening Family Bonds: Nurturing Attachment, Security, Resilience, and Sense of Self.

In this workshop, you will:

At this conference, you'll learn:

Attachment transcends mere typologies. It's the pivotal tool for uncovering and healing fractures in your clients' bonds across their entire lives. Envision guiding your clients on a therapeutic journey where your profound understanding of attachment empowers them to:

With interventions rooted in attachment principles, you're not just a therapist:

That’s why we’re gathering the leading researchers and clinicians in attachment work, including Keynote Sue Johnson, Ana Gomez, Clair Mellenthin, and many others!

Covering the most popular evidenced-based approaches in psychotherapy today, these dynamic thought leaders will guide you through Internal Family Systems (IFS), Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT), EMDR, Expressive Therapies, and more.

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