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Posted Tuesday July, 20th 2021

How To Regulate Your Reaction To Your Child

As caregivers, it is our job to diffuse the situation when a child is throwing a tantrum over losing, but it is perfectly normal to feel angry or frustrated with your kid's reaction. For this week's How To Tuesday, Dafna addresses what parents can do to regulate their reactivity to their child in Part III of her "How To Handle A Sore Loser" series.

A note from Dafna:
Let me apologize in advance for the less than ideal sound quality in this video! There was construction happening on my building the day it was recorded. We did our best to keep distractions down to a minimum, but some construction noise made it into the final cut. Please excuse our mess and thanks for the understanding!

For more information about supporting your clients or children, visit the link below.

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