Attachment Based Parenting

Course Description

This workshop provides parents with both the theoretical fundamentals of what is attachment theory as well as how to apply attachment principles in your life with your child.

This online workshop, hosted by Collectively Rooted, is experiential and hands-on in nature. You will see examples of real children and families on video and do your own play and reflective exercises in small break out groups online. You will come away from this workshop feeling inspired and hopeful, with a new perspective on your child and new ideas for making your connection with your child more joyful.

Program Content

This one day workshop will cover:

    • Principles of attachment theory and child development from the interpersonal neurobiology perspective
    • Applying attachment theory into every day parenting: The 4 Dimensions of Structure, Engagement, Nurture and Challenge
    • How to deal with your child’s difficult emotions, behaviors and conflicts from an attachment perspective
    • Discipline techniques for every day occurrences from an attachment perspective
    • How your own state of mind and feelings about yourself affect your attachment relationship

Target Audience

Intended for parents, caregivers and professionals supporting families

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