You are officially registered! 

You did it! You took a step to carving out time for YOU!

In the coming weeks, you can expect a welcome email from the team.

For now, just know that every other week, our group will come together and hold space for each other. Each session, two members of our group will have an opportunity to share and receive guidance from Dafna about how to work through your parenting concerns. After we have heard from our group members, we will break into small teams and discuss how our own experiences are reflected in those of everyone else.

We will use this special time together to

  1. connect with ourselves to become better parents; this is not a behavior management program. This is about US!

  2. focus on developing self-compassion

  3. learn ways to experiencing what is going on in our bodies

  4. be a community of support for each other

  5. learn and hold accountability to new skills

If you have any questions, contact the team at [email protected]. You can check your inbox right now and save the zoom link if you'd like. We will send a reminder closer to the event as well.

I am VERY MUCH looking forward to spending the next 3 months with you.

With warm and compassion,


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