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We may not be able to see all of the people we wish we could, but we can grow existing in-person connections and set aside time to nurture them by breaking out of the repetitive cycle of our daily lives. How?

Through PLAY!

Take a break from the daily grind and join Dafna Lender in a few quick and easy play sessions meant to help us all experience fun, joy, and connection with another person!

Dafna will be leading a series of eight 45 minute interactive play sessions based on Theraplay® for you and anyone in your house/ workplace/ pandemic bubble.

You will play simple, interactive, face-to-face activities, which will bring the simplest and purest form of connection: laughter, joy, and relaxation. The activities require no previous skill or experience-the only thing you have to bring is your human need for connection!

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Anyone! You can bring your child, your parent, your co-worker, roommate, spouse/partner, neighbor or caregiver. You can bring anyone that you feel comfortable with. Your play partner can be of any age or mobility level. All of the activities will be able to be modified.


Each play session will use a few common household items most people already have on hand. If you do not have any of these items, we can improvise!

Toilet paper or streamers ~ Cotton balls ~ 2 couch or bed pillows ~ Hand lotion ~ Balloon ~ 2 stuffed animals or beanie bags ~ Scarf ~ Blanket ~ Newspaper or old magazine ~ and Aluminum Foil

Monday March 22┃12:00pm EDT

Tuesday March 23┃7:00pm EDT

Tuesday March 30┃7:00pm EDT

Monday April 5┃12:00pm EDT

Tuesday April 6┃7:00pm EDT

Wednesday April 7┃12:00pm EDT

Tuesday April 13┃12:00pm EDT

Tuesday April 20┃7:00pm EDT

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Register $40

1. Dare to Play


Program Only

Included features:

  • Gift of fun, joy, and connection with another person
  • Pick from eight 45 minute interactive play sessions
  • 8 sessions for $40, includes your play partner
  • Attend one or all 8 sessions
  • Experience the power of connection

Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I bring more than one play partner? YES!
Can I join if I only have a partner for part of the time? YES!
Can my play partner have physical/intellectual differences? YES!
Can I keep my camera off? YES!
Can I still join if I don't have all the materials? YES!

Do you offer a scholarship? YES! Apply here.

Can you add me to the list for the next Dare to Play?
YES! Enter your info here.

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