The Other Half of the Equation: Engaging Parents in Child Therapy Online Workshop

Event Details

2 day online workshop with Dafna Lender & Karen Doyle Buckwalter

Many clinicians attest the major challenge they face in their work with children is not the child, but the parents. In these cases, you will need to shift your work to first support the parent in their very painful and difficult feelings so they can begin to have a more open perspective towards their child.

This two day, online, interactive, and experiential workshop will guide you in learning the steps towards successful parent attachment work. You will learn how to identify when a parent needs more focused individual work, setting goals for the parent, navigating parent/child sessions, and more.

Areas of Focus
- How To Identify When A Parent Needs More Focused, Individual Work ​
- How To Set Goals For The Parent Focused Work ​
- Assessing When It Is Time To Re-introduce the Child Into The Therapy Room ​
- How To Navigate Parent/Child Sessions When The Parent's Defenses are Re-triggered ​
- How To Help Parents Initiate Repair

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