Inspired Parenting - Session 8 Online Workshop

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Trauma Research Foundation September 21st, 2022 - 12:30pm - 1:30pm Learn More

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Parenthood often brings otherwise competent people to their knees as they try to deal with the frustrating behaviors or strained relationship with their child. There is nothing more painful than feeling resentful, hopeless, helpless or depressed when it comes to your parent identity. Perhaps you have already read many parenting books and vowed that you would not react negatively towards your child. Or perhaps your teenager is painfully rejecting you and you vacillate between trying your hardest to be kind and crying or screaming, making things even worse. Or perhaps you feel like your child is ruining your life as he behaves in a destructive or dangerous manner and you feel frightened or out of control.

In these instances, it is helpful to take time to look at the dynamics from an attachment and trauma perspective. From these perspectives, you can find new insights and techniques that will help understand yourself and your child better, so that you can have a more peaceful and connected relationship.
This monthly workshop will help you pause, ground yourself, and focus on taking constructive action.

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