DDP Skills Group

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

Skills Group

Join a small group of clinicians led by Dafna Lender once a month for this skills development group. This practical program focuses on four skills presented in the DDP training program. In each session, we will come up with a hypothetical case and then break out in to role play groups and practice DDP, with particular focus on the skill for that month. Each session is interactive and experiential, giving you the opportunity to further develop your skills as a practitioner in a small group setting.

Topics of focus:

  • Practicing PACE
  • Curiosity/Making Guesses
  • Dealing w/ Child's Resistance
  • Talking for the Child in Session
  • Managing Parent Resistance
  • When Parents Need Individual Work

*For those who would also like to be part of a clinical group, please see our Group Supervision page.

~ All sessions: 8:00am - 9:45am CT ~

May 2022 Cohort
May 6, Jun 10, Jul 8, Aug 5

September 2022 Cohort
Sept 30, Nov 4, Jan 6, Feb 3

February 2023 Cohort
Feb 10, Mar 3, Apr 7, Apr 28

DDP Skill Group

1. DDP Skills Group

$160.00 USD

Program Only


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